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During your pup's stay with us, they will spend most of the day in our spacious indoor/outdoor play-areas to socialize with other dogs. Dogs are typically fed two times per day and have a lunch/nap break from 12 pm to 2 pm. The rest of the day, they are out playing with their furry friends! They will also get plenty of human affection from our canine specialists.


Before staying overnight with us, we require your dog to come in for a "temperament test" day. This is simply a day of daycare, where we will be monitoring your dog closely to see how they react and get along in the play-group. Some dogs are less social than others and that is absolutely fine! If they are shy, we'll be sure to give them extra human attention. Most pups pass the test, but keep in mind we don't accept aggressive dogs for group-play. This is not determined by breed, simply their behavior.

Is your dog elderly or has a special need? K & B Elite can handle it! Medications and feedings can be scheduled at particular am and pm times, per your request, at no additional charge! Longer breaks are available if your elderly pup is getting too worn out.


We request that you bring your dog's own food because their stomach is used to it. We also recommend that you bring a blanket, bed and/or toys, as well as anything you would like with them overnight for extra comfort.


We require your dog to be spayed or neutered and have all of their vaccinations. This includes Rabies, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), and Distemper/Parvo vaccines. We must have their most up-to-date paperwork from their vet to let them in the play-group!


We specialize in small dogs, however, we do accept larger dogs based on temperament. 

Boarding Rates:


Standard Boarding:

1 Dog   (24 hour period) _______

2 Dogs (24 hour period) _______

3 Dogs (24 hour period) _______


Luxury Suite Boarding:

1 Dog   (24 hour period) _______

2 Dogs (24 hour period) _______

3 Dogs (24 hour period) _______


A temperament test day is required for all new dogs. We charge the daily rate of $25 for the test day, but it will be applied as a credit on a future boarding visit.

Staying 7 night or more? We have a discounted rate for extended-stay boarders! Call us for additional information and details.

*These rates include a free bath so your pup can go home nice and shiny!







Call us TODAY to schedule a tour and a temperament test!

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