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Q: What made you decide to work at K & B and with dogs in general?


Q: What is your favorite part about working at K & B? 


Q: Tell us a quick, funny story of an interaction you had with a dog.

A: Just some of the funny things they say!

Q: What is your best quality when it comes to caring for people's dogs?

A: Experience.

Q: How long have you been at K & B? 

A: From the beginning and until the end!




There are 3 things I love most in the world - kids, the elderly, and dogs. After raising my 3 girls and working at their school, I had the opportunity to work at K & B. I thought, "why not? It's basically the same thing!" (Except we weren't allowed to squirt the kids with water!)


One of my favorite moments was when I gave one of our dogs, Chase, a warm towel to snuggle up with in a chair. He loved it so much that now he won't settle until I give him one! He comes every day and now several other dogs have caught on. So if it is a cold day, look on the webcam and thanks to Chase, I assure you there will be a row of dogs snuggled up in their chairs with warm towels. 

I have been with K & B since 2012 and there is never a day that I don't look forward to my job. I mostly work the playroom and I love being a part of the pack. It is such a joy to see the dogs truly get so excited to see me every day.

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